17 Jun 2024

Folk Group

The Raheny folk group is Alive and Well and fast approaching its 40 year anniversary. The folk group presently sings at the 6 o’clock Mass on Saturday evenings following a recent move from its traditional 5 o’clock Sunday slot.

The folk group was formed back in 1973 by Mr. Charlie McCann, a leader with the boys youth club at the time and Sister Eleanor who ran the girl’s choir in Manor House School. I am sure that many people would like to thank both Charlie and Sister Eleanor for their marvellous brainwave, as many relationships/marriages which exist today, originated in the folk group.

21st Birthday Celebration 1994

21st Birthday Celebration 1994

In addition to the many wonderful people who have sung and contributed to the enhancement of the Mass over the course of its existence, we are delighted that one of our current members, Mr. Paul Redmond will launch his new Musical “The Promise” in the HELIX Theatre in late September. We are all delighted for Paul, our current Musical Director for his well deserved success.

In addition, the folk group has also had many wonderful priests from Fr. Joe Drumgoole, to Fr. John McNamara and to our present day Mgr. Martin O’Shea (to name but a few) who, have supported and continue to support the folk group.

From its earliest days the group has had a central part to play in the fabric and make up of Raheny life, whether it be, singing at Mass, weddings (many times for folk group members), funerals or singing for the children of Scoil Assam for their first Holy Communions.

On a national level, the folk group has been invited many times to appear on RTE to sing on the televised Sunday Mass which is shown across the country.

The folk group would like to thank the community of Raheny for their kind support over the years and hope that they will continue to support the folk group Mass, into the future.

Derek McKeever